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Five Muslim persons last year in the Kheda district of Gujarat have suffered the brutality of policemen, as the policemen were guilty of publicly beating them as against the arrest procedures.

The high court of Gujarat has framed charges against the police officers for the contempt of court. A bench consisting of Justices AS Supehia and Justice MR Mengdey has framed the charges. 

The four policemen have been charged on ground that they breach the guidelines of supreme court in Dk Basu V. State of West Bengal as regard to procedures of arrest. Also, the policemen have been given the time by the high court to file an affidavit in the defence, as one of the officers submitted before the court that he has no active involvement in the incident.

The whole incident took place in Kheda district during a Navratri event when the allegations of stone hurling came to light and also the video of policemen beating the Muslim individuals surfaced on the social media. After that CJM has submitted his report in the High Court that the videos and images are not clear to identify all the accused. Only four of them have been recognised so far. Apart from this CJM has informed the court that the victims of the incident also cannot able to recognise all the policemen involved in the incident.

Written by- chaitanya sri krishna, IMS Unison University, Dehradun, Semester- 5th Intern under Legal Vidhya


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