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This code of conduct is binding upon all the Members, Managers, Executive Committee & Intern working under Legal Vidhiya.

Our Core Values includes respect for all, integrity and support for the legal fraternity. Our Code of Conduct are encompassing these core principles.

Decorum:  At Legal Vidhiya believes in the policy of “give respect & take respect”. All the Members, Managers, Executive Committee working under Legal Vidhiya are expected to behave in a professionally and show respect towards every individual, whether he/she is on a superior post or a junior working under him/her.

Confidentiality: Legal Vidhya takes confidentiality of its work and meetings seriously and any breach of the same would lead to a disciplinary action. Such matters will be dealt by the Executive Committee and they would process their decision as per the rules prescribed to them.

Removal of the Members or Managers: Based on the grounds of breach of confidentiality, indiscipline, or any other issues which Executive Committee deems to be considered improper and against the ethics of the organization, including no response to the messages of the Members of the Executive Council until and unless reasonable grounds are there, the Disciplinary Committee is having power to remove that particular member or manager from the organization while following all the regulations. Such a person may also be blacklisted from Legal Vidhiya on account of breach of terms of his employment.

Updating Policies: Our policies are constantly evolving to take into account new and emerging best practices in the industry, and changes in law. Consequently, the terms of your internship/managerial post may change at any time without prior notice. However, you will be informed of any changes made to the policy that might affect you, and such changes shall be applicable to you to the same extent as they will apply to our other employees.

Resignation Policy: No manager or member can resign randomly. The members or managers are required to send their resignation to contact@legalvihdiya.com or legalvidhiya@gmail.com one month prior to the resignation. No resignation shall be accepted in case of improper reasons. The managers and members need to find their successor before resigning.