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This agreement outlining the terms of use for various services and courses provided by Legal Vidhiya.

The website www.legalvidhiya.com or any derivative web pages thereof and Mobile Applications, Online Communities, Closed Groups, or Social Platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Platform”), any information contained therein, and listed services and other materials contained therein are provided by Legal Vidhiya. Any services obtained from Legal Vidhiya through its portals and applications or otherwise are governed by these Terms of Use.

To obtain any of the Legal Vidhiya services, you are required to read and agree with these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Fair Criticism Policy, and other policies implemented and published on the Platform from time to time or any amendments thereof (collectively referred to as the “Terms”). By accepting these Terms in any manner or accessing the website, you consent, agree, and undertake to abide, be bound by and adhere to these Terms and if you do not agree to these Terms of Use, you are not entitled to avail of/use the Programs and any use thereafter shall be unauthorized use of Legal Vidhiya Services.

Each Course or Workshop or Competition may have a separate set of terms dealing with payments applicable for such specific activity.


  • Academic Programme shall mean a programme of courses and/or any other component leading to any of the online certificate courses.
  • Student shall mean a candidate admitted to the online certificate courses available on Legal Vidhiya.
  • Competition shall mean any competition launched by Legal Vidhiya or its subsidiaries, aimed at engaging users in activities such as quizzes, challenges, contests, or any other promotional events organized by Legal Vidhiya.


  • The certificate courses offered shall encompass a variety of materials including textual, video content, examinations, and/or other components as determined by the course provider or any affiliated university or institution.
  • All course content shall be delivered through online channels for the convenience of the students.
  • It is imperative for the student to fulfill the payment of the applicable course fee or any other fees as prescribed by the course provider. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the denial of access to the course content.
  • Unless explicitly permitted, the course materials will not be provided in hard copy format and shall only be accessible online.
  • The student agrees to utilize the course materials solely for personal use and refrain from sharing them with any third party. Any unauthorized dissemination of course material will constitute a violation of the course provider’s copyright.
  • Students are granted the flexibility to schedule their exams at their convenience, as determined by the course provider. In the event of not passing the initial exam, re-examination or reassessment may be necessitated. The number of re-exams permitted may be subject to limitations at the discretion of the University or course provider.


A student shall be awarded the Certificate if;

  • He/She has enrolled himself/herself has undergone the course of studies, completed the examination as specified in the curriculum within the stipulated time and secured the minimum marks or the grade specified for a course, and
  • There are no dues outstanding in his/her name.


The course or workshop or competition fees are not refundable once admission is confirmed.


You are hereby consenting to adhere to these terms and conditions, as well as all rules and regulations set forth by Legal Vidhiya. Any misconduct towards faculty members, counselors, course anchors, or any members of the Legal Vidhiya Team will result in disciplinary actions in accordance with applicable policies.

In the event of insubordination or disruptive behavior by any student that may disrupt classes, impact other students, or affect counselors or faculty, disciplinary measures will be administered by Legal Vidhiya. The decision of Legal Vidhiya will be deemed final and binding.


In the event of any unforeseen circumstances not addressed by these regulations, or if there arises any differences in interpretation, the CEO of Legal Vidhiya reserves the authority to make decisions as deemed appropriate. The CEO’s decision shall be considered conclusive and binding.


Regardless of the foregoing provisions, Legal Vidhiya reserves the right to amend and enforce regulations as deemed necessary, aiming to uphold academic standards and streamline processes related to admissions or content delivery. Users are bound by such rules and regulations implemented periodically.


Legal Vidhiya is NOT an accredited university and is not affiliated with any legal regulatory bodies. Legal Vidhiya offers a range of online opportunities, including courses, webinars, workshops and competitions for law students and other law professionals.


For any grievances, please email us at hr@legalvidhiya.com.