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Connect With Saakshi


Saakshi Sharma, founder of Legal Vidhiya, is a dynamic and impactful figure in the legal community. With a proven track record of mentoring over 1000 students and conducting insightful webinars on legal research, she empowers young professionals to excel in their legal careers. Saakshi’s confident and compassionate mentoring style leaves a lasting impression, making complex legal topics accessible and ensuring her students have a strong foundation. Known for going the extra mile, she instills necessary skills and fosters a motivating learning environment. Saakshi’s contagious passion for law, coupled with her deep empathy, sets her apart as an outstanding legal mentor and advocate for aspiring lawyers.



Connect With Shubham

Shubham Singh, co-founder & CEO of Legal Vidhiya, is a multifaceted professional with a decade-long career in law and advocacy. Renowned for his extensive research contributions, national and international symposium participation, and profound understanding of the legal landscape, Shubham is a true legal enthusiast.

Beyond his expertise, Shubham is a published poet and author of two novels and three poetry books, showcasing his empathetic voice. Currently working on his first academic book, he brings a unique perspective and creative flair to the legal community. As an innovator, Shubham continually challenges himself and excels in every endeavor, exemplified by his impactful leadership at Legal Vidhiya. His passion for the legal profession is evident in all his pursuits, making Shubham Singh an inspiring and accomplished leader for those seeking both competence and empathy.