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Keywords: – Gauhati High Court, Early hearings, Petitions, Application.

The Chief Justice received information that the current rules in place lack provisions for filing applications for early hearings. As a result, advocates have been traditionally submitting petitions for such requests.

Gauhati High Court Chief Justice, Sandeep Mehta, expressed his intention on Tuesday to examine the implementation of a structured process or procedure to regulate the filing of applications for early hearings of listed cases.

During the court session today, while addressing mentioning matters, a counsel brought up an admitted matter that was already in the hearing stage.

This led the Chief Justice to comment,

“I do not know what is the procedure here, but the appropriate procedure to my mind, if you want to get the hearing matter listed, is to file an application for early hearing. There must be a provision in the [Gauhati High Court] rules.”

The standing counsel for the High Court informed the Chief Justice that the existing rules for the Gauhati High Court did not specifically allow for the filing of applications for early hearings. However, advocates have traditionally filed petitions for early hearings in such cases.

In response, Chief Justice Mehta acknowledged the issue and expressed his intention to address it. He stated that there should be a proper provision in place to facilitate the filing of applications for early hearings.

The Chief Justice then requested the counsel who made the mention to file an appropriate application, assuring that the Court would subsequently issue an order regarding the matter.

Written by- Mubashara Fatima, College name- Unity PG and Law College, Semester- 6th, intern under Legal Vidhiya


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