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Keywords – Supreme Court, Madras High Court, Registrar General, Lack of toilets for women lawyers in Nilgiris Court Complex, National Commission for Women.

The Supreme Court directed the Madras High Court through its Registrar General to submit a detailed report on the issue of lack of toilet complexes for women lawyers in the Nilgiris Court Complex.

                 Recently, the National Commission for Women which is acting on the complaint filed by Women’s Lawyers Association of  Nilgiris, has urged the Madras High Court Registrar General to take an immediate cognizance of the lack of toilets for female lawyers. Yesterday the Supreme Court bench noted that while the Registrar General had earlier filed a report in this matter, that report did not explained in detail that in what manner the facilities for women lawyers were being provided and whether there was any shrinkage of such facilities or not, which were earlier available. The Court has asked for the submission of a detailed report by this Sunday, that is, 11th of June.

             A senior advocate who was appearing on behalf of the Nilgiris District Bar Association, even requested the Court to direct and send a team for inspection purpose. The Court has even given the association liberty to approach the Registrar General for the redressal of their grievances.

Written by – Yashashvi Mishra, College – S S Khanna Girls Degree College, University of Allahabad, Year – 2nd Year 4th Semester, an intern under Legal Vidhiya


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