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Vice-Chancellor in-charge Prof Harpreet Kaur justified the hike, citing the largely unchanged fee structure over the last decade despite increased costs and expenses.

The total yearly fee for previous batches was ₹1,63,500, excluding the mess fees

A revised fee structure of 3,20,000 rupees will be applied to new students at National Law University, Delhi. This is about twice the amount that was previously charged.

The categorical separation of internet costs and reading material charges that existed in the previous fee structure has been reorganised into a “academic services fee,” which is another noteworthy difference between the old and new pricing structures.

Prof (Dr) Harpreet Kaur, Vice-Chancellor in Charge, stated,

“In the new fee structure, the academic services and facilities fee includes internet and reading material charges.”

Prof Kaur wrote a letter justifying the newly revised fee structure and detailing the facilities included in it.

Since the Academic Year 2013–14, the cost structure of National Law University Delhi hasn’t altered, making this the institution’s first sizable tuition increase in ten years. We want to emphasise that starting in 2018, a new hostel facilities fee of Rs. 20,000 per year was added to help pay for the costs associated with running the halls of residence’s newly installed central air conditioning system. The annual tuition for prospective students has gone up from Rs. 85,000 to Rs. 1,35,000. From Rs. 1,86,000 to Rs. 3,20,000 is now the entire amount owed to the university. In view of rising costs and expenses over the past ten years—during which time our fee structure hasn’t changed—we think this increase is justified. In addition to that, there will be mess fees to be paid to the cooperative mess maintained by students. The university bodies have given their necessary permission for these adjustments. As part of this exercise, it was also decided to compare the pricing structures at the best National Law Universities in India, and as a result, our fee structure is now on par with those that are used by the best NLUs.

According to the administration, the revised fee structure was announced during the call for applications for the All-India Law Entrance Test (AILET) 2023.




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