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In a defamation case, Rahul Gandhi is contesting his conviction and a two-year sentence before the Surat Sessions Court.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has moved toward a sessions court in Surat to challenge his conviction and two-year sentence in a criminal defamation case of evidence brought against him for criticizing the ‘Modi’ people group.

The sessions court on Monday extended the bail allowed to Gandhi by the Magistrate court for the situation to April 13, when it will probably hear his appeal.

The now precluded parliamentarian from Wayanad, Kerala was indicted by a Magistrate court on March 23 for his dubious comment “All thieves have Modi surname.”

Gandhi had, in a political mission in 2019 in Kolar, Karnataka, connected Top state leader Narendra Modi with criminals like Nirav Modi and Lalit Modi.

He had said, “Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, Narendra Modi. Why every one of the criminals have ‘Modi’ as a typical family name?”

Purnesh Modi, a previous BJP Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), protested the said discourse guaranteeing that Gandhi embarrassed and maligned people with the Modi family name.

The Magistrate court in Surat acknowledged the conflict of Modi that by his discourse, Gandhi has deliberately offended individuals with a ‘Modi’ last name.

In his 168-page judgment, Judge Hadirash Varma expressed that since Gandhi is an Member of Parliament (MP), anything he says will have a more prominent effect. Consequently, he ought to have practiced limitation.

“The blamed had taken the reference for the family name of the ongoing PM Shri Narendra Modi, to fulfill his political greed and offended and defamed 13 crore individuals living in the entire of India having the last name ‘Modi'” the Judge held.

By:-Yuvraj Sachdeva, BA+LLB(2nd Semester), RNB Global University


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