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The Karnataka high court recently punished the ten accused for one year imprisonment for assaulting and violating the several residents belongs to Scheduled Caste.

It was start, On the August 2008 the Dalit community were residents at harijan colony, all the ten accused barged into the harijan colony,  and they assaulted and abuse the Dalit community. Referring to their caste accused abused and used stones, clubs and caused bloodinjuries. 

The injured was admitted in hospital for the treatment, the weapons used were collected by police, from the spot. Due lack of evidence trial court acquitted accused. And it was not challenged in High court.

However after that. One of the complainant challenged this judgement of trail court in high court. High court allowed appeal on October 30, and questioned on the decision of trail court.

High court observed that the decision of trail court that entire prosecution case was false, was wrong , and criticized the decision of trail court.

Therefore High court sentenced and punished the ten accused for one year imprisonment with  fine of Rs. 3000 .

Name – Anjali Subhash Paul, College name –  Dr. D.Y. Patil Law College., (Semester- llb -ll Student)  An intern under Legal Vidhiya



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