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Biofuel technology encompasses a diverse array of methods for generating fuels from organic sources such as crops and biomass. The process begins with the selection of appropriate raw materials, ranging from corn to vegetable oils. There are two primary conversion techniques: biochemical, which involves fermentation, and thermochemical, utilising processes like pyrolysis. Biodiesel…

The Global Biofuel Alliance (GBA), formally launched during the G20 Summit in New Delhi by prime minster Narendra modi,stand as a transformative milestone in the global energy landscape.

The Global Biofuels Alliance (GBA) launched at the sidelines of the G20 Summit is seen as a watershed moment in accelerating the energy transition journey of countries across the globe, as it seeks to promote the adoption of biofuels and expand bioenergy access in emerging economies.

Driven by USA, Brazil, and India, which cumulatively contribute nearly 85% of the world’s ethanol production, the GBA made its debut with 12 organisations, including the likes of the World Economic Forum, International Energy Forum, and the World Biogas Association among others, and 19 member countries.

Meanwhile, food crops that are cultivated will contribute to the biofuel model through the agricultural waste they generate between cropping cycles. All of these factors, coupled with the incentivisation of organic feedstock aggregation, will create additional revenue streams for farmers in the country.

Biofuel adoption efforts have been underway in India for a considerable amount of time now and have been bolstered by targeted government initiatives like the Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) scheme and the ethanol blending of petrol that is being increased from 10% to 20% in a staggered manner across the country.

The GBA will complement these initiatives and catapult them onto the global scale. Technology companies will have an avenue to access international markets, while project developers and entities looking to invest into the decarbonisation of the energy sector will gain access through ample avenues to participate in this historic transition of the world’s energy basket. It would be fairly accurate to state that Indian businesses and alternate energy players have never had a greater opportunity than this one to expand beyond the country’s borders.

Biofuels, derived from renewable sources such as biomass and agricultural waste,offer a greener alternative to conventional fossil fuel with lower carbon emission.

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