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District Panchayat and Grama Panchayat of Kadampand  moved ahead to construct a water tank in school playground of Government Welfare Lower Primary School without any prior permission from school authorities.

Aggrieved by which President on behalf of Parents Teachers Association and the Managing Committee Member of G.W.L.P School filed a Writ petition of Mandamus before the Hon’ble Kerala High Court. Evidence submitted before the court showed that the construction of water tank activities have already been in progress in school playground. 

Kerala HC referring to Chapter IV Rule 1 and 3 (2) of The Kerala Education Rules, concluded that, it is mandatory for every school to have a Playground and Garden with necessary equipments and clear rank of vegetation respectively. 

Justice P.V. Kunhikrishnan said that, ‘Play ground in a school is a part and parcel of the school. Without a Playground, There cannot be a school. The education of children is not in the classroom alone, it should spread to the Playground as well. The Playground is where the children learn through play. The Playground I’d where the children can themselves shine mentally and physically.’

School Playgrounds are an essential part of a child’s learning environment providing a safe and fun place to play. The Playground help children to develop their physical, social, emotional and imaginative skills. Drawing attention to these aspects, Court disposed the Writ Petition with the following directions :

  • Playground in the School premises should comply with the provisions of Rules 1 and 3 (2) of Kerala Education Rule under Chapter IV, which provides about facilities required. 
  • Once after the issuing of guidelines, the educational authorities must ensure that schools in the State are implementing effectively the above mentioned norms.

When there is a common lack of interest among parents in regard to sports, this particular judgement gives a spotlight that India is moving ahead in path of building it’s future generation efficient in both academic and physical education. This recent judgement and the order of guidelines to be followed by rest all in schools in the State is much welcomed by people.

Reference : Prakash N v. GWLP School, Thevayoor South and Ors., 

Name : GOPIKA PR, Second Year of B.A.,L.L.B, The Central Law College, Salem , An Intern from Legal Vidhiya in Legal Journalism.

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