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On Friday, 31st March 2023, A Delhi Court denies bail to Aam Aadmi Party Leader and Former Chief Deputy Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia. District Court said that Manish Sisodia had played a huge role in the said Criminal Conspiracy in the Liquor Policy Case.

Rouse Avenue District Court, New Delhi

Bail Application was filed by an AAP leader and Former Chief Deputy Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia under Section 437, 439 of CRPC,1973 in Delhi Excise Policy Case.

CBI had opposed Manish Sisodia’s Plea as he was constantly trying to destroy the evidences. Manish Sisodia was arrested on 26th of February 2023 as he had not cooperated with Investigation department and had also given evasive replies to them.

CBI has registered this case for offences under Section 120B with 477A of IPC 1860. And other offences related to irregularities in framing and implementing the Delhi Excise Policy 2021-22.

ED has alleged that the excise duty was implemented for profit business to certain private companies.

Court has noticed that around 90-100 crores as advance kickbacks was meant for Manish Sisodia and his other Colleagues. And out of this 20-30 crores were found to be routed through Nair.

On the other side, Sr.Advocate Dayan Krishnan said to the court that there shall be no interrogation as they have already passed that stage. Krishnan also said that there are no on records which can say that Manish Sisodia had threatened the witnesses.

Justice MK Nagpal denied the bail application as he said that the nature of the allegations was serious and his release will affect the further investigation.

Justice also added that Manish Sisodia was failed to pass Triple Test in earlier case. Manish Sisodia is still under Judicial Custody.

Case: Manish Sisodia V. Central Bureau Investigation , Bail Matter No. 55 of 2023. Reference: Live law, Times of India, SCC online, Hindustan Times.

Name: Varsha Sukhwal ,College: Parul University ,Semester: 4th BALLB


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