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A special investigation team (SIT) has been established by the Calcutta High Court to look into the assassination of Assamese student Faizan Ahmed from the IIT-Kharagpur.

K Jayaraman, an IPS officer, will serve as the team leader of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) that the Calcutta High Court established to look into the death of Faizan Ahmed, a young Assamese boy. The newly formed SIT has also been given permission by the Calcutta High Court to test for drugs on potential suspects in the Faizan Ahmed murder case.

The murder investigation’s current investigating officer (IO) has also been removed from the case. The Calcutta High Court has mandated that Faizan Ahmed’s bones be sent to Dibrugarh, Assam, for burial within three days of his passing.

The Kharagpur police were earlier told to include Section 302 in the probe into Faizan Ahmed’s killing by the Calcutta High Court.

In order to conduct a second post-mortem at the Medical College and Hospital in Calcutta and determine whether Faizan Ahmed committed suicide or not, the Calcutta High Court ordered that a team of West Bengal Police exhume his body from a burial site in Dibrugarh, Assam


Written By- Smrutiman Anantveer Mohanty, College Name- Army Law College, Pune, Semester- Smrutiman Anantveer Mohanty, an intern under Legal Vidhiya


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