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The custody of the three individuals detained concerning purported anomalies in the Delhi Waqf Board recruitment process was extended by Rouse Avenue Court in Delhi on 16th November. Zishan Haider, Dawood Nasir, and Javed Imam Siddiqui, the accused, have been placed in the custody of the Enforcement Directorate for an additional day by Special Judge Geetanjali Goel. On November 13, the judge had previously ordered their three-day detention in ED custody. 

Advocate Nitesh Rana contested the plea on behalf of the accused, arguing that the ED lacked new grounds to request an extension of their imprisonment and that their arrest was unlawful. The accused had been under ED custody for six more days.

Amanatullah Khan, an AAP MLA, is allegedly connected to the three guys that were arrested. The ED charged him with obtaining “huge proceeds of crime” from monies obtained through unlawful recruiting in the Delhi Waqf Board, which he then used to buy real estate under the names of his colleagues.

In October, the AAP lawmaker for the Delhi Assembly’s Okhla district had her home raided by the investigation team.

The ED asserted that Zishan Haider, Dawood Nasir, and Javed Imam Siddiqui were “associates” of the AAP MLA and had questionable financial transactions between them, according to a report by the PTI news agency.

Javed Imam’s attorney disputed the ED’s request to prolong their detention by six days in court on Thursday, arguing that the accused has taken part in the inquiry fifteen times since October 2022.

According to Dawood Nasir’s attorney, he was brought to a hospital after claiming to be ill. There, he was questioned and forced to sign a document even though he was feeling lightheaded and had told the emergency department that he didn’t speak English.

However, the attorney for the ED stated that every time the accused is brought before a court, they begin by accusing the investigation agency.






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