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Canonsphere is an innovative platform that focuses on the growth and development of individuals in the legal field. Through engaging events, we provide law students with opportunities to participate in debates, moot courts, blog or article writing, drafting competitions, quizzes, and much more in collaboration with organizations having the same niche. At Canon Sphere, we are passionate about fostering positive change and empowering individuals to make a difference. We are soon launching startup consultancy services , we  will strive to create an environment where ideas flourish and innovation thrives.

With Canonsphere, you can embark on a transformative experience where your ideas matter, your skills flourish, and your aspirations come to life. Together, let’s shape the future of the legal profession and make a lasting impact. Our monthly events are specifically designed to support aspiring law students in their journey towards success.


This unique workshop is designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into the art and science of crafting wills. Whether you are an aspiring legal professional, a seasoned attorney, or someone interested in understanding the essentials of will drafting, this workshop is tailored to meet your needs. During this interactive session, we will delve into the crucial elements of will-crafting, covering essential legal principles, key clauses, and best practices to ensure precision and clarity in your documents. Our experienced speaker will guide you through the intricacies of drafting wills, addressing common challenges, and providing practical tips for effective communication with clients.

Experienced Facilitator: Learn from one of the seasoned legal professionals, join us on 2nd December for a workshop with Adv. Sonica Ghosh (Certified Mediator & Advocate in Delhi NCR District Court and High Court of Delhi).


All students enrolled bona fide in an undergraduate i.e. 3 years/ 5 years law program conducted by any college or university along with recent graduates, lawyers and researchers shall be eligible for attending the workshop.


Mark your calendars for 31 March, 2024 and join us from 1PM onwards for an enriching experience via Google Meet.


  • There is no registration Fees for the workshop.
  • Every individual is required to fill the registration form to attend the workshop.
  • Registration formhttps://forms.gle/WpdaJUuucDHXmMsw5
  • You can also register by scanning the QR code from the poster.


Get ready to reap the rewards of attending this incredible workshop! Join us and enjoy the following Perks-

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from accomplished legal experts who will share their insights on effective advocacy, case analysis, and courtroom etiquettes.
  • Interactive Session: Engage in stimulating discussions and an interactive session designed to enhance your understanding of drafting  and legal strategies.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers who share your passion for law, fostering a supportive community of budding legal professionals.
  • Certificate of Attendance: All attendees will receive a Certificate of attendance, recognizing their commitment to advancing their legal education.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now to secure your spot in the workshop and get ready to be rewarded.

(Note: For certificates you must fill the feedback form which will be shared at the end of the workshop on the google-meet itself).


  • Opening of Registration: 13/03/2024
  • Last date of Registration: 30/03/2024
  • Dates of Workshop: 31/03/2024


To ensure the smooth and fair functioning of the workshop, we have some rules and regulations in place that all participants must adhere to. By participating in the workshop, you agree to these terms and conditions.

  • The link to the workshop will be shared exclusively on our Telegram Channel and WhatsApp group of Canon Sphere. We kindly request all participants to refrain from sharing the link on any other platform or medium.
  • Join Telegram and WhatsApp using the links provided in form or you can simply search ‘canonsphere’ in your telegram.
  • We are committed to providing participants with a certificate of attendance within two weeks of the workshop. Please make sure to provide accurate information while filling feedback form which will be shared at the end of the workshop  to ensure timely delivery of your certificate.
  • The participants of the quiz will not be given any separate certificate except to the top 3 and rest of participants will receive a certificate of participation/ attendance for the workshop with quiz component.
  • Non-compliance with the rules and regulations will result in the automatic cancellation of your participation in the workshop. We request all participants to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.


If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or contact the following persons:

Email us at  marketing@canonsphere.com. You can also contact the following persons in case of any queries:

  • Ms. Ritika Tejpal– +91 7888625806


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