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Virtual International Conference on Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Challenges and Concerns by Avantika University: Submit by June 5.

About Avantika University

Avantika University in Ujjain is a renowned institution dedicated to providing transformative education in design, law, public policy, management, and engineering. Situated in the culturally rich city of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, Avantika University is known for its innovative and interdisciplinary approach to education, fostering holistic development and nurturing future leaders. Avantika aims to nurture and cultivate young minds who will serve as enlightened citizens, bringing positive change to society.

About The Global Female Civility Leadership Institute

The Global Female Civility Leadership Institute, a highly respected institution, is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries (AICCS), International Accrediting Organization – AICCS, United Nations ECOSOC Special Consultative Status Higher Education Board and Workforce Commission. The Global Female Civility Leadership Institute empowers female students to become experts in Female Civility and Global Leadership through real-time perspective and relevant solutions.

The educational structure at the Global Female Civility Leadership Institute stimulates creativity, breaks barriers, builds bridges, and ensures no female student is left behind. The multifaceted curriculums and online degree programs provide a unique education experience for females worldwide. They enhance their capacity with substance-fueled curricula.

About Law Colloquy

Law Colloquy is a registered organization that strives to promote a better understanding of current legal issues and advances in law. It has organized several international conferences, conclaves, seminars, webinars, and workshops covering various interdisciplinary areas. The organization is committed to publishing unbiased, accurate, and insightful articles on various legal subjects. Law Colloquy also provides training and skill development programs related to PoSH, POCSO, women’s and children’s rights, criminal profiling, and other aspects of the law.

About the Conference

Avantika University, Ujjain, in collaboration with The Global Female Civility Leadership Institute, Garland, Texas, USA and Law Colloquy, Indore, is pleased to organize a Virtual International Conference on “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Challenges and Concerns”. The conference aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for researchers, students, practitioners, professionals, and educators to present and discuss recent innovations, trends, concerns, practical challenges encountered, and solutions adopted in the fields of Corporate, Education, Industry, Engineering, Management, Design, Politics, Labor, Medical, Legal, government and non-government organizations. The conference aims to discuss emerging global trends and challenges across various disciplines and interdisciplinary areas.

Call for Contributions

It invite authors to contribute to our conference by submitting their research abstracts and papers. We welcome high-quality research contributions that describe original and unpublished results of conceptual, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work in various disciplines and interdisciplinary areas.

Our focus areas include Corporate, Education, Industry, Engineering, Management, Design, Politics, Labour, Medical, Legal, government, and non-government organizations. We aim to address emerging global trends and challenges in these areas. You are cordially invited for a presentation at the conference.

Mode: Virtual


Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Challenges and Concerns


  • Climate Crisis: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Solutions
  • Global Health Challenges: Integrating Science, Policy, and Practice
  • Inequality and Social Justice: Bridging Disciplinary Divides
  • Sustainable Development Goals: Multi-sectoral Approaches to Implementation
  • Migration and Displacement: Interdisciplinary Responses and Policy Innovations
  • Emerging Technologies for Addressing Global Issues
  • Human Rights in a Globalized World: Legal, Ethical, and Societal Implications
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management: Science, Policy, and Action
  • Economic Globalization and Its Discontents: Reimagining Development Strategies
  • Education for Sustainable Development: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives and Practices
  • Global Governance: Challenges and Opportunities for Collaboration
  • Crisis Communication and Media in Times of Global Uncertainty
  • Digital Transformation and Social Change: Opportunities and Risks
  • Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding: Interdisciplinary Approaches
  • Food Security and Agriculture Sustainability: Integrating Science, Policy, and Practice
  • Urbanization and Sustainable Cities: Interdisciplinary Solutions for Livable Environments
  • Energy Transition: Science, Technology, and Policy Implications
  • Cultural Heritage Preservation in a Globalized World
  • Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building: Integrating Knowledge and Practice
  • Gender Pay Gap & Entrepreneurship
  • Anti-Gender Mobilization & Entrepreneurship
  • Gender Entrepreneurship of LGBTQ
  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation
  • Any other topic related to the theme.


  • E- Certificate of participation/publication
  • E- Certificate for publication will be provided for your participation/publication.

Important dates

  • Conference Date- June 15th & 16th, 2024
  • Last date of Abstract submission – June 5th, 2024
  • Last date of Full Paper submission – June 30th, 2024
  • Last date of Registration- June 12th, 2024

Registration Fees

Registration Fees DelegatesInternationalIndian
Presenters/Academicians/Professionals2500 INR1500 INR
Co-Authors (only two)750 INR (each co- author)500 INR (each co-author)
Listener/participation800 INR500 INR
Price details

Kindly note:

For Indians Author:

  • Presenters/Academicians/Professionals- 1500 INR (if only one author)
  • If one author & one co-author- 1500 INR + 500 INR = 2000 INR.
  • If one author & two co-authors- 1500 INR + 500 INR + 500 INR = 2500 INR.

For International Authors:

  • academicians/Professionals- 2500 INR (if only one author)
  • If one author & one co-author- 2500 INR + 750 INR = 3250 INR.
  • If one author & two co-authors- 2500 INR + 750 INR + 750 INR = 4000 INR.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Kindly follow the submission process as follows:

Abstract submission

  • The word limit of the Abstract is 300 words.
  • Write keywords (3-5 words).
  • Forward a cover letter along with an abstract containing (the title of the manuscript, name, designation, email ID, mobile number (WhatsApp), and institution/affiliation of the author(s)/contributor(s))
  • Submit the abstract via our official email- info@lawcolloquy.com

Full paper Submission Guidelines

Read carefully and follow all the necessary instructions mentioned for submission of the abstract/research paper:

  • All submissions should be in electronic form in a Word document only in an editable file format (i.e., not PDF).
  • It should be processed in MS Office 2007 onwards.
  • Authors are requested to adhere to the word limit.
  • Submissions must be original. By submitting the manuscript, the author undertakes that it has not been submitted, accepted, or published elsewhere.
  • All submitted abstracts/papers are run on the anti-plagiarism software, so the author(s) must make sure that all submissions should be plagiarism-free.
  • The maximum number of co-authors permitted is two. If there are multiple corresponding authors, one should be nominated for communication with the editorial board.
  • The submission should be attached with a cover letter mentioning the paper’s title, name, designation, email ID, mobile number (WhatsApp), and institution/affiliation of the author. Failure to submit full information would result in the submission being outright rejected.
  • The author(s) must not mention their name or any information disclosing their identity in the manuscript. This is required to ensure a fair reviewing process. The cover letter shall only mention information about the author(s).
  • The editorial board’s decision on the acceptance/review/rejection of the abstract is final.
  • Citation must strictly adhere to the Bluebook 20th Edition citation format.
  • The acceptance decision will be communicated to the contributor within a week.
  • The last date for submitting the final research paper (only after the abstract is selected) is 30/06/2024.

Publication opportunity

All submitted abstracts and papers will undergo a blind peer review process, and accepted conference papers will be published as a book chapter in a book bearing an ISBN number by a reputed publisher.

Application process


Contact Information

Faculty Coordinators

  • Mr. Aditya Awasthi +91-7730863742
  • Ms. Harshita Choubey +91-7987123317


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