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The western Caribbean was hit by a tropical disturbance on Friday. Which seriously affected the regions of Jamaica and Haiti. It exhausted the power supply to thousands of people, and in the Haiti, region unleashed the horrors of landslide and floods, this led to death of 2 people who were washed away by the water.

The heavy rains caused a lot of damage to the place as it drowned trees and buildings with it and also destroyed the power lines.The Jamaican defense force, gave a report according to which 24 people were rescued from the floodwaters

Earlier in the day, the tropical disturbance was already predicted to turn into a tropical cyclone by forecasters. Later, it was considered doubtful and a few hours later dissipated.

The civil protection agency of Haiti told the press that the region was hit by heavy rainfall, leading to heavy floods.

Heavy rains were reported to pose a threat of causing mudslides and flash floods. in southeastern Cuba and the island of Hispaniola, which is shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic, by US national hurricane centre in Miami.

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