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About the Workshop

Convers-Actions invites individuals for a four day residential workshop on the art of engaging in powerful conversations and facilitating groups. 

Learn the art of being a facilitator and how can that art be used in daily life. From hosting conversations to starting your own work to getting work done to co-creations to building relations in all segments the art is useful. We are bringing in simple tools of games, listening, engaging with people in conversations that matter, activities, reflective practices, expressive art forms such as dance, music, art, movement as a way to connect to people and to express yourself.

All of them have the power to shift the way we relate and connect with people in organizations, families, schools, etc and make our work and lives more enriching. You will get a chance to experience these tools, find out your own ways of taking them in your setting and also have a lot of opportunities to practice with other participants.  This is a great way to deepen your skills as a facilitator. 


Like many places across India and around the world, Swaraj University is experimenting with rethinking our lifestyle and our relationship with ourselves, our work, our resources, and our communities. We are questioning, challenging and experimenting with our set notions of money. So, we welcome you to join our experiment and explore your relationship with money.

By participating in such workshops you are, in a non-monetary way , supporting and encouraging such learning spaces to thrive and stay alive. You are, in a beautiful way, taking forward the larger movement of reclaiming our learning.

However, it is important we all contribute and take care of the needs of the place and meet the actual expenses for hosting such a workshop. The suggested contribution for this workshop is ₹9,000 per person inclusive of food, stay and workshop facilitation. By contributing this amount (or more), you would also partly be helping those who find it hard to access these spaces due to financial constraints. Money should not be a barrier to your attending. Please ask for a partial scholarship if you need it.


We start the workshop on Thursday, February  8th, 2024, 11:00 am and on Sunday 11th February we will have our closing until 4:30 pm in the evening.


Please call Harsh at +91 9958311401 or write to him at harsh@swaraj.org for any details.

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