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Summer Internship at Bihar State Legal Services Authority, Patna [June 5 – 25]: Apply by May 15

About BSLSA (Bihar State Legal Services Authority, Patna)

As per the mandate of Article 39-A of Constitution of India, the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 was enacted and came into force on 09.11.1995. Bihar State Legal Services Authority is a statutory body constituted under Legal Services Authorities Act 1987.

The main aim of National/State/District Legal Services Authority is to provide free and competent Legal aid to marginalised section of society, to organise Lok Adalat and to spread legal awareness.


An opportunity to learn the practical aspects of Legal Services Authorities Act 1987, ADR mechanism such as Mediation and conciliation and Lok Adalat. The candidates will have opportunity to learn about concepts like National Lok Adalat, mediation proceedings, compounding of offences, plea bargaining, etc.

The candidates will be able to understand the actual working of Undertrial Review Committees, District Criminal Injury Compensation Board, Legal Aid Defence Counsel System Scheme, Bihar Victim Compensation Scheme, 2014 (amended upto date). The candidates may get oopportunity to visit various institutions such as District Legal Services Authority, Jails, Gram Kacheheri to see the actual working.

How to apply?

Interested candidates can apply via steps mentioned in the brochure attached by the end of this post.

Important dates

  • The applications may be submitted till May 15 by 11.59 pm.
  • The final list of shortlisted candidates will be available anytime after May 25.


Internship certificate will be given after the completion of 21 days of internship from June 5 till June 25.


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