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Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his invitation for Indian  Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Russia next year. The invitation  was extended during a meeting with External Affairs Minister S  Jaishankar at the Kremlin, emphasizing the enduring diplomatic ties  between India and Russia. President also expressed his belief that Indian  PM Modi is committed to resolving the Ukraine crisis peacefully and  suggests further exploration of the topic during the visit.  

Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar expressed confidence in a future  annual summit between PM Modi and President Putin. The summit is a  key part of the strategic partnership, with trade between Russia and India  increasing. He also had a productive meeting with Russia’s Deputy  Prime Minister, Denis Manturov, discussing bilateral economic  cooperation and signing important agreements for the construction of  power-generating units in Tamil Nadu. Jaishankar also described his  meeting with FM Sergey Lavrov as wide-ranging and useful, where they  discussed various international issues such as the Indo-Pacific, Ukraine  conflict, Gaza situation, Afghanistan, and Central Asia. The two  countries also discussed their cooperation in areas such as economic  cooperation, energy trade, connectivity efforts, military-technical  cooperation, and people-to-people exchanges. They signed a Protocol on  Consultations for the period 2024-28, further strengthening their  bilateral relations. India-Russia relations are based on geopolitical  realities, strategic convergence, and mutual benefit, reflecting the  importance of their partnership. India’s ties with Russia remain strong  despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and India continues to import  Russian crude oil. 

NAME : KAVYA JAGGI, B.B.A.LL.B 5th Semester, Jai Narain Vyas University , Jodhpur, intern under legal vidhiya. 

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