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KEYWORDS- pro-monarchy, demonstrations, mass rebellion, republic

A clash took place in Kathmandu, Nepal between police and monarchist protestors. The clashes arose till the extent that police had to use tear gas and water cannons. The event coincided with the 15th anniversary of abolition of monarchy in the country and brought in light the tensions between pro-democracy and pro-monarchy groups.

The police reported that the protestors attempted to cross the area which was fixed for demonstrations after which, police used dozens of rounds of tear gas to control the situation. The government kept Nepal army on standby however the need to use those personnel did not arise.

Led by Durga Prasai, an entrepreneur and former maoist activist, the pro-monarchy protesters demonstrated peacefully in Kathmandu’s New Road area and chanted slogans in support of Gyanendra Shah, the former king. The tensions escalated when protesters moved away from the area and started moving towards the market places where they demanded abolishing the ‘costly federal system’ along with slogans to restore monarchy. 

Earlier in the day, Prasai’s supporters and CPN-UML’s youth wing members clashed during a protest at Balkhu. Prasai said the movement as a mass rebellion against the current system by the people.  He also asked Prime Minister Pushpa  Kamal Dahal to surrender  and follow people’s wish about the kind of political system to be adopted in the country.

The Constituent Assembly in Nepal was established on December 24, 2007 which marked as a crucial event in the country’s history. The assembly was formed to address the monarchy’s future. However, it was declared on that day that the monarchy would be abolished, following with Constituent Assembly elections in 2008. Eventually, on May 28, 2008, Nepal officially became a republic.



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