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About the Organiser

The Constitutional Law Studies and Orientation Committee (CLSOC) is devoted towards enduring the legacy of organizing activities that entail exploring realms of Constitutional law with its interpretation and engaging in discussions on contemporary Constitutional law issues.

CLSOC looks forward to staying dedicated to its aims, objectives and organization of various discussion forums, essay competitions, quizzes, and seminars. CLSOC has partnered with external organisations too, in order and conduct various competitions for the awareness of constitutional values.

In light of the same, the committee is set to proudly conduct the ‘National Video Making Competition’, a fun and educational event open to the attendance of all individuals.


The Theme for the National video Making Competition 2023 is “Celebrating the Martyrs of India”. The National Video Making Competition aims to celebrate the importance of our martyrs, shaping the the destiny of nations and fostering principles of unity, patriotism etc.

This theme encourages participants to explore the historical significance of their country’s making while also envisioning its future impact. The event is on a pan India scale, it being organised on the Social Media Platform of Instagram in January 2024.


  • Local Heroes: Create videos highlighting the unsung local heroes whose remarkable contributions to the nation remain overshadowed by their lack of popularity.
  • Inspirational Memorabilia: Feature items or memorabilia that hold sentimental value in remembering martyrs.
  • Symbolic Tributes: Video exploring artistic representations and symbols that commemorate martyrs.
  • Time Capsule Narratives: Create digital time capsules, blending multimedia elements such as videos, letters, and artifacts to depict the life and impact of a chosen martyr, preserving their legacy for future generations.

The sub-themes provided are exhaustive and the submissions must be based on any one of the given sub-topics explore the same.


  • All participants must be students of LL.B. / B.L. and may be either from three years or five years course, or from LLM batches too. There is no cap on maximum participants in 1 team.
  • The Participant can register only once in google form link circulated and only one video. A write up of 800 words must be attached.

How to Submit?

Interested candidates can submit entries via the link given at the end of the post.


The entry fees is Rs. 350. This should be done only after the selected Write Ups are communicated.


  • The participants are required to submit their videos to the email IC provided.
  • A written note of around 800 words is to be submitted along with the video, explaining the content of the video.
  • The content of the video should not be copied. Any Vulgarism, if detected, will lead to disqualification.
  • The video must in no manner indicate or reveal the identity of the participant/ institute of affiliation. A separate cover letter accompanying the video must be submitted at the below mentioned email.
  • The participants will have to give an undertaking that their work is original. If it is found that the work is not original the entry may be cancelled.
  • Further, the application, interpretation and expansion of the rules and regulations of the competition shall be the discretion of the Organising Committee and decisions taken herein and final and binding.

Submission Guideline

  • The maximum time limit for a video is 5 minutes.
  • The last date for submission of the Video along with the write-up is 25th January 2023.
  • Submission of Video and Write Up to be sent to the mail ID sent.
  • The Write Up submission will be taken first and then the final video. Last date for the write up submission is 7th January, 2024.

Phases of Competition

There will be an initial abstract/write-up submission, and only the selected ones will proceed to complete the final submission of the video. Registration fee will be paid only after the final selection of abstracts concludes. A selection committee of learned members will be formulated, and there will be a double review procedure followed in order to ensure equity.


All participants shall receive Participation Certificates. The qualifying entries to the finals shall be awarded with Cash Prizes and Certificates of Excellence, along with other exciting prizes. Winners shall get a Cash Prize of Rs. 5000 while the Runners- Up get a Cash Prize of Rs. 2000.

Important dates

  • Release of Competition- January 1st, 2024
  • Submission of Write Up by- January 7, 2024
  • Submission of Final Video- January 25, 2024
  • Date of Release of Results- January 30, 2024


Jnana Samhitha P Meda – Student Convenor, Ph. No. – 7022618586

Chiranthana Yadav– Student Convenor
Ph. No. – 8088896482


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