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About the Seminar

With deliberations of the ‘One Nation One Election’ proposal over the Law Commission’s table; suggestions like “new chapter in the Indian Constitution,” “unity government,” “sustainable elections,” and “simultaneous polls without tweaking the legal framework” are up for discussion.

However, before going into the intricacies, the question before us is what is ‘One Nation One Election’ or ‘ONOE’ Scheme as proposed by the present Central Government. ‘One Nation One Election,’ as the name suggests, talks about simultaneous elections in the country. The intention is to conduct simultaneous elections across all the levels of government, either on one day or within a specific time frame, therefore synchronizing the timing of elections for all the tiers of

Nevertheless, the question remains whether the scheme is a politically advantageous move proposed to encash the popularity enjoyed by Sh. Narendra Modi and his allies, or does it really aim to curb the snowballed expenditures of the candidates and lessen the practice of horse-trading by the politicians?

Proponents argue that this reform could streamline governance, reduce election-related expenditures, and enhance policy stability. However, its implementation requires careful consideration of various logistical, constitutional, political, economic and geographical challenges. Despite potential benefits, the proposal faces opposition, with critics citing concerns about the democratic spirit, dominance of national issues over local concerns, and the need for constitutional amendment.

Important Details

Essential details such as sub-themes, submission guidelines, and research paper guidelines can be accessed through the brochure attached at the end of this post.

Important Dates

  • Registration Begins: 28-03-2024
  • Abstract Submission and Closing of Registration: 08-04-2024
  • Submission of Full Paper: 14-04-2024
  • Seminar: 20-04-2024

How to Register?

Interested participants can register using the link provided at the end of this post.

Registration Fees

No registration fees.




  • Bhoomika: 98144-66475
  • Anand Goyal: 94175-60054
  • Lalit Goel: 9914542159
  • Lakshita Goyal: 8699846814
  • Email: constitutionclubpulaw@gmail.com

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