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Keywords – MTF, SC, Kuki tribe, Law Enforcement Agencies, center, CM

Manipur Tribal Forum has filed a fresh report to the Supreme Court, stating to it that it should neither believe on the empty assurances of the Centre nor on the Chief Minister of Manipur as both of them have joined hands on the removal of the Kuki’s (an ethnic group of the State of Manipur).

     The application prays to the Supreme Court, for its protection by the means of Indian Army as neither the center nor the state machinery is trustworthy according to the Kuki tribe.The application further notes that despite the last hearing by the Solicitor General of India, no sort of relief was granted to the tribe by them.

              The Court has asked the Law Enforcement Agencies to take account even of the apprehensions which are raised by the Manipur Tribal Forum regarding their security.

Written by – Yashashvi Mishra, College – S S Khanna Girls Degree College, University of Allahabad, Year – 2nd Year, 4th Semester, an intern under Legal Vidhiya,


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