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Works of construction were to begin for a gasifier crematorium in the city of Perumanallur in Tamil Nadu but was opposed by three schools in the vicinity. The schools had filed for a petition in the High Court to stop the construction as a crematorium near the schools will create a negative environment as well as hazardous health issues for the students.

Justice RMT. Teeka Raman. J., on Wednesday, accepted the petition by the schools and further advised the district administration to look for another location for the same and ordered to stop the construction.

The Petition was filed by the Sri Vigneshwara Vidhyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School. The potential heath and other problems as an outcome of the creation of the crematorium in the proximity of the schools were elaborated in the petition.

The High Court has ruled in favour of the petitioners halting the construction of the gasifier crematorium near the schools.

Written by Disha Hatikakoty, Maitreyi College, University of Delhi, Intern under Legal Vidhiya.


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