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On Sunday, 11th June, a local court of Chhattisgarh in the district of Kobra issued an order to register an FIR against an IAS officer of Telangana cadre of 2014 who has been accused of asking for dowry and domestic violence.

Sandeep Kumar Jha, the IAS officer of Telangana, had got married in Darbhanga in Bihar back in 2021. Two years into the marriage, his wife has now filed a complaint against him in Kobra seeking action against him stating that she has been subject to dowry harassment and domestic violence.

The Court of Kobra has ordered the Civil Lines Police Station to register an FIR against Mr. Jha after hearing the allegations. However, when asked about the same, SP Uday Kiran said that they had not received any certified copy from the court and will follow the order only after they officially receive it.

Written by Disha Hatikakoty, Maitreyi College, University of Delhi, Inter under Legal Vidhiya.


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