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Indian people have always been influenced by Western culture, be it clothes, movies, shows or even relationships. The concept of live in relationship is very common nowadays. Indians also follow the same trend but is not acceptable by some section of society. And when we talk about society, middle class plays a major role in it.

Live in relationship is not illegal in India however, on the same page there are no such laws that govern this union.

It’s a walk in and walk out relationship, where two parties agree to live together and part ways whenever they wish. As there is no such law that governs it, there also chances that all live in relationship have a happy ending.

While hearing a bail plea filed by a rape accused, Allahabad High Court called live in relationship a systematic design to destroy institution of marriage.(Adnan vs. State of UP and 3 others)

The accused who was in a live in relationship with a girl, had sexual relation with her which resulted in pregnancy, after which he refused to marry her. He is charged under Section 376,317,506 of IPC and Section 314 of POCSO Act.

The single judge bench opined that live in relationship looks very attractive but is not easily acceptable by middle class people. They are desperate to get their daughter married to her live in partner. And if they break up, the society doesn’t view the girl as normal being and it is difficult for her to live. As in most of the cases, the end result is suicide.

It is proceeding to create a big problem in the future. The Youth gets attracted being unaware of the long term consequences. TV shows and movies play a major role in glorifying this idea. The stability that an institution of marriage offers can never be expected out of a live in relationship.

The Court further said that the foreign culture of changing partner every season is not a mark of healthy and progressive society.

Hence the Court granted bail to the accused on the grounds of overcrowded jails and ignorance of accused side and the guidelines rules out in the case of Satendra Kumar Antil v. CBI.[1]

It can be figured out that it is not easy for middle class to accept the modern trend of live in relationship. While the concept has become increasingly famous in recent years, the laws regarding live-in relationships in India are still evolving[2].

Written by – Tannu oF 3rd Semester of Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, an intern under Legal Vidhiya


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