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Legal Vidhiya is an exceptional platform designed exclusively for law students with a bold vision to cultivate a thriving community of legal professionals. We are dedicated to providing a unique space where students can intern, get published, and acquire indepth knowledge of the law.
At Legal Vidhiya, we recognize the immense value of practical experience and exposure in shaping a successful legal career. That’s why we offer a comprehensive internship program & regularly conduct various activities like Quiz Competitions, Article Writing Competitions, and Memorial Making Competitions.
Legal Vidhiya houses a vast repository of legal resources, including articles, case studies, and study materials, curated to empower students with a comprehensive understanding of various legal domains. Whether you’re seeking clarification on complex legal concepts or exploring new areas of law, Legal Vidhiya is your go-to destination for reliable and insightful knowledge.


  1. Date of the Competition: 30 July 2023
  2. Subject: Law of Contract, Cr.P.C, C.P.C, I.P.C., Law of Evidence
  3. Registration Fees: ₹20/-
  4. Last Date of Registration: 30 July 2023 by 12:00PM
  5. Registration Link: https://forms.gle/n51QRBMbDmVrfhTY7


Payment can be made via Phone Pay/GPay to 7584998222 or via the UPI Id Shubhamsingh97013@dbs


  1. Winner: ₹500 + Certificate of Merit +internship under Legal Vidhiya
  2. Top 10 Scorers get a chance to intern under Legal Vidhiya and publish 1 Article for free on Legal Vidhiya.
  3. Certificate of Participation to every participant


In case of any query write to legalvidhiya@gmail.com


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