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 The Kerala High Court has granted interim protection to BA Aloor from arrest in a sexual harassment case. The judge was PG Ajithkumar, who asked the police not to arrest Aloor without notice, referring to Section 41A of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The next date of hearing is February 5, 2024 and the Supreme Court order will be enforced at that time. Aloor has been charged with sexual harassment under Section 354A of the IPC. He had sought anticipatory bail from the court after the order was passed. The lawyers representing Aloor are Udayabhanu, Navaneeth N Nath, Rassal Janardhanan A, Abhisek M Kunnathu, Boban Palat, PU Pratheesh Kumar, PR Ajay and KU Swapnil. Aloor has been controversial for a long time.

 He has represented in many controversial and sensational cases like Soumya murder case,  Koodathayi cyanide murder case and human sacrifice case. In 2022, Aloor and his associates violated standards of professional conduct and etiquette during court proceedings in  a gang rape case in Kochi, thus a lawsuit under suo motto  was filed against him and his associates. Aloor also held a press conference in response, in which he claimed that people angry with  him had provided false information to the BCK.

Case Name: Biju Antony Aloor v. State Of Kerala

Name: Anam Mukherjee,  BALLB, Techno India University, INTERN UNDER LEGAL VIDHIYA

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