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Friday, the habeas corpus petition filed by a woman claiming that her lesbian partner’s parents forced her to divorce them was denied by the Kerala High Court.

The petition was denied by a division bench composed of Justices PB Suresh Kumar and Shoba Annamma Eapen after the partner stated that she wanted to go with her parents, despite admitting to being in a relationship with the petitioner.

The petitioner claimed that her and her partner, both of whom came from orthodox Muslim families, were forced to split up.

On January 27, they had eloped and left their homes, but their relatives quickly approached the police and a crime was committed.

However, after considering the situation, a Judicial First Class Magistrate Court granted the couple permission to leave together.

They then moved to the Ernakulam district, but the petition to the High Court claims that the petitioner’s partner was taken from her by her parents on May 30.

Despite her numerous complaints, the petitioner claimed that the police have not taken any action.

Assuming no activity is taken soon, she fears that her accomplice’s family will expose her to change treatment and make her leave India, the solicitor said.

“The petitioner respectfully submits that respondents 5 to 7 and their proxies are illegally detaining the detenue. She is prepared to accompany the solicitor. She has been subjected to mental and physical abuse, and she has even been admitted to a mental hospital on the grounds that she is mentally ill. The petitioner suspects that the detenue will undergo conversion therapy and be expelled from India against her will. The plea stated, “The petitioner suspects threat to the detainee’s life.”

The petitioner also claimed that political pressure was to blame for the police’s inaction.

The Court ordered the police to bring the petitioner’s partner before the Court on June 19 during the hearing on June 6.

The partner’s statement that she wanted to go with her parents was taken into consideration by the Court when the case came up for hearing on Monday.

As a result, the plea was denied.

Aneesh KR and Saurav B, attorneys, served as the petitioner’s representatives.

Name -Sandeep K. Pareek, BALLB(2nd sem.), RNB Global University intern under legal vidhiya


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