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The Israeli Military is currently facing accusations of using white phosphorus on the civilians of Gaza which if proven will be considered a serious violation of International law. White phosphorous is a chemical weapon that is banned with the ratification of over 193 countries around the globe, including Israel because the effect of it is hazardous if it is exposed to civilians which could cause pain worse than death. And phosphorus is clearly the weapon that falls under the category of making the civilian suffer.

If the accusation against Israel using white phosphorous on the civilians living in Gaza is proven then the particular international bodies would have to conduct thorough research on the case while holding every individual responsible for such acts. The citizens living in Gaza, particularly women and children want nothing more than true justice in their favour because of the disproportion they have been facing due to the exposure of such chemicals on them.

Till now the ICC’s investigations haven’t filed any charges on Israel. However, the investigation has raised concerns about the legality of Israel’s use of white phosphorus. White phosphorous is a highly incendiary weapon that can cause severe burns, including third-degree burns, and also lead to death. It is hazardous when used in highly dense and populated areas. 

Israel has also defended that its use of white phosphorous is used as a legitimate weapon that is used in accordance with international law. however, many human rights groups and legal experts have argued that the use of such chemicals is illegal, they argue that the use of these such chemicals in dense and highly populated areas is likely to cause civilian causalities and such breach and mockery of the internal laws could even result in arrest warrants by the ICC and would also be badged as an unlawful practitioner and may also be labeled as the contributors of the war crimes.


White phosphorous – Exposure to white phosphorus can cause severe burns. The burns are extremely painful and
result from a combination of thermal and chemical injuries. The affected areas of exposed skin may appear
yellowish and may show necrotic, full-thickness burns surrounded by sloughed tissue.

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