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Internship opportunity with DraftCraft International: Apply Now.

About  the organization

DraftCraft International is a global policy, research and analysis think tank. It is the only media-legal think tank of its kind that works via media and by the law. The think tank documents facts, conducts research, enhances legal processes, educates the masses, and engages with state entities and civil society across borders.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Identifying legal issues and assisting in collating information
  • Researching to create white papers and petitions
  • Assisting the legal team on live projects
  • Assisting in court proceedings


Not disclosed.

Note: This is a project internship program where interns get an opportunity to work on DraftCraft International’s ‘live projects’. Candidates who have prior relevant professional work experience of at least one year will be eligible for the internship.



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