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About the NLUD

National Law University, Delhi is a National Law University in India, offering courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The primary objective of the University is to evolve and impart comprehensive and interdisciplinary legal education that is socially relevant.

Through this education, we aim to promote legal and ethical values and foster the rule of law and the objectives enshrined in the Constitution of India. 

About the Project 39A

Project 39 A is a formal part of NLU Delhi that is inspired by Article 39A of the Constitution of India. This provision furthers the intertwined values of equal justice and equal opportunity by removing economic and social barriers.

They are engaged in providing pro bono legal assistance to prisoners sentenced to death across the country by using empirical research to re-examine practices and policies in the criminal justice system.

Project 39A aims to trigger new conversations on legal aid, torture, forensics, mental health in prisons, and the death penalty.

About the Project 39A Internship

Project 39A is keen to develop a robust and rewarding internship programme that will provide meaningful exposure to the complexities and nuances of the criminal justice system in India.

Towards that aim, Project 39A is pleased to introduce our second internship policy, under which we seek to accept interns on a rolling basis from March 2023 to March 2024.

Areas of Work in Project 39A Internship

  • administration of the death penalty (litigation and research)
  • forensic science with particular focus on DNA forensics
  • legal aid in the criminal justice system
  • mental health and criminal justice
  • torture


Open to students in India and other countries, enrolled in a recognized undergraduate or post-graduate program in the

  • law,
  • humanities,
  • social sciences,
  • management or
  • media and communications.

Those enrolled in other programs may apply, but preference will be given to those enrolled in the programs listed above.


  • Candidates will be asked to undertake tasks that may involve assisting with litigation activities, research projects, or initiatives in public outreach.
  • While the organization shall attempt to account for the interests expressed by the interns, it reserves the right to allocate tasks as it deems fit as per its requirements.
  • All members of Project 39A undertake administrative duties, and therefore, interns will also be expected to assist in administrative matters.
  • Interns will be required to observe the working hours of Project 39A and work from its offices only.


  • Internships are full-time and for a period of a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum of 12 weeks.
  • While applications for part-time interns are considered, there is a strong preference in favour of full-time interns.
  • Part-time interns, if selected, are required to intern for a minimum of 12 weeks.
  • Candidates must indicate the exact dates in their application.


Interns shall be based out of our offices on the NLU Delhi campus in Sector14, Dwarka, New Delhi 100078. 


  • Interns will be paid a stipend of Rs 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) for every four-week period of internship undergone.
  • Interns on a part-time internship will be paid a stipend of Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only) for every four-week period of internship undergone.

Last Date of Application

Applications are due at least two months before the first day of the proposed month of internship.

For example, if your proposed date of internship is 1 April, please apply two months prior i.e before 15th February.

Application Process

To apply for the Project 39A internship, click here.


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