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Keywords: Gaza, Israel-Hamas, violations, International laws, UNICEF, ceasefire

The world has become increasingly interested in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Numerous international organizations are showing support for Gaza’s population. About 250 British lawyers are advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza because they believe serious breaches of international law are occurring. The attorneys have effectively offered legal advice on the Israel-Hamas conflict in a letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, and Defense Secretary Grant Schapps.

It takes place as political officials come under increasing pressure to call for a humanitarian ceasefire so that much-needed supplies may reach the people living in Gaza. UK Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden said that while the government had pushed for pauses in the bombardment of Gaza, it was not in favor of a wider ceasefire.

UNICEF official James Elder warned reporters that neonatal mortality in the Gaza Strip could result from dehydration because water output was only 5% of the average. He said that some of the approximately 940 children in Gaza who are listed as missing could be buried beneath the rubble.

According to him, “Dehydration-related deaths in children, especially those of infants, are becoming a growing threat.” Drinking water with salt in it was also making children ill. At least fifty corpses were discovered in the debris following an Israeli bombardment of the Jabalia refugee camp, which destroyed the shelter.




Written by: Harmannat Kour, Name of College: The Law School, University of Jammu, Semester: 3rd, an intern under Legal Vidhiya


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