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Keywords – Suo Moto , Guwahati High Court, CCTV .
Suo Moto PIL was registered by the Guwahati High Court in light of an incident where two
accused persons were lynched to death in February 2018 after they were taken out of police
custody at the Tezu Police Station in Arunachal Pradesh .By Suo Moto action the court took note
of the lack of action of the police authorities in this case and summoned the police authorities in
charge and the special investigation team appointed to this case to receive status reports and
monitor the progress of the investigation .
Then in May of this year (2023) The Guwahati High Court considered the nature of the
allegation for which this case was registered and directed the state of Arunachal Pradesh to in
place an extensive CCTV system in all Police Stations across the state with data being monitored
by a centrally located control room .
The court also directed the state of Assam to provide the status of CCTV systems installed in the
state of Assam. The Supreme Court had already been passed an order directing all the state and
Central government to install CCTV cameras in their police station in 2015.
1Two Judges bench of Chief Justice Sandeep Mehta and Justice Devashis Baruah followed up on
their inquiry about the CCTV cameras in the previous order in a hearing last Friday Advocate
General D Psychia appearing on behalf of the state of Assam informed the court that in Phase 1
hundred police stations in the state of Assam have been provided with the CCTV cameras and
that in Phase 2 installation and commissioning has been completed for 197 police stations .
He also informed the court that all the CCTV feeds are being monitored at a control center in
ulubari Guwahati Advocate General B.D. Goswami appeared on behalf of the state of
Arunachal Pradesh and told the court that CCTVs have been installed in the Police Station across
the state of Arunachal Pradesh but the control center has not been established because of
connectivity issues in the state the court.
Then directed the state of Arunachal Pradesh to expedite this process of installation of cameras
and has said the matter to be renotified in the month of August to seek further updates on the

Written by – Drishti Pandey, College – S.S. Khanna Girls Degree College, University of Allahabad
Semester – 4th an intern under legal vidhiya

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