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Businessman Amandeep Singh Dhall was denied bail by the Delhi High Court on Tuesday in the Delhi excise policy case (Amandeep Singh Dhall v Central Bureau of Investigation).

In Dhall’s appeal for bail in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) case, Justice Swarana Kanta Sharma denied it.

The Court took note of the claims made by Dhall and his father that they paid a bribe of ₹5 crore to an Enforcement Directorate (ED) official in order to have their names removed from the case. This indicates that Dhall has the ability to sway witnesses and manipulate evidence.

The Court observed that Dhall knew a number of the witnesses in this case well and that he was in contact with powerful Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) officials in Delhi to plan the conspiracy.

“This Court finds no ground for grant of bail to the applicant, at this stage,” Justice Sharma stated, “considering the overall facts and circumstances of the case, seriousness of the allegations and the evidence collected by the prosecution, and when charges are not yet framed and evidence is not recorded, and the fact that a FIR already stands registered against the applicant for paying a bribe to an officer of Directorate of Enforcement to get his name removed from the present case.”

Dhall was detained by the CBI on April 18, 2023. He held the position of Managing Director for the wholesale L-1 licensee Brindco Sales Private Limited. On June 9, 2023, the trial court rejected his standard bail request.

According to the accusations, Dhall was in close communication with co-accused Vijay Nair and participated in the creation of the Delhi liquor policy from the outset. It is said that he was setting up meetings between Nair and representatives/officials from various liquor manufacturers throughout the excise policy making process.

The claims made against Dhall are severe, according to Justice Sharma, who concluded that the application for regular bail must take into account the impact the charges will have on society and the general public.

Consequently, the Court denied Dhall’s request for bail.

Amandeep Dhall was represented by Senior Advocate N Hariharan, Advocates Vedant Varma, Tanveer Ahmad Mir, Shashwat Sarin, Ariana Ahluwalia, Punya Rekha Angara, Mueed Shah, Shaurea Tyagi, and Anushka Khaitan. Manu Mishra and Shreya Dutt, two attorneys, as well as Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) DP Singh represented the CBI. 

CASE NAME – Amandeep singh Dhall vs Central Bureau Of Investigation


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