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Canonsphere is an innovative platform that focuses on the growth and development of individuals in the legal field. Through engaging events, we provide law students with opportunities to participate in debates, moot courts, blog or article writing, drafting competitions, quizzes, and much more in collaboration with organizations having the same niche. At Canon Sphere, we are passionate about fostering positive change and empowering individuals to make a difference. We are soon launching startup consultancy services , we  will strive to create an environment where ideas flourish and innovation thrives.

About Youth Parliament:

Our “Youth Parliament” aims to provides a platform for young individuals to engage in parliamentary-style debates, discussions, and decision-making processes. These events will mimic the functioning of a real parliament, fostering leadership skills, civic awareness, and a deeper understanding of democratic principles among the individuals. Participants will gain valuable insights into governance and policy issues through their firsthand experience.

An international committee is also there UNHRC which will be like a Mock United Nations portfolios will be define respectively.

Canonsphere is going to conduct the Youth Parliament event in early 2024 in the month of March.

Committees in Youth Parliament:

1)AIPPM – all India political party Meet

2)Rajya sabha

3)Lok sabha

4) UNHRC -United Nation Human Rights council.

Role of the EB:

EB(executive board) members act as judges. They are like speaker in lok sabha, Rajya sabha.

A huge responsibility to speculate and monitor each and everything carefully with neutral point of view

The marks given by EB according to rules will decide the winners in the event

Role of Executive Board Member at Canon’s Youth Parliament:

The EB of the Youth Parliament exists to oversee the functioning of the organization, facilitate debates, and promote youth engagement in democratic processes. As a vital member of the Executive Board, you will play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of the Youth Parliament, contributing significantly to its triumph. Your duties will encompass:

Strategic Leadership: Collaborating with fellow board members to establish clear objectives and goals for the Youth Parliament, guiding the overall vision with insightful leadership.

Event Orchestration: Taking charge of the meticulous planning of parliamentary sessions, debates, and workshops, ensuring seamless operations and a memorable experience for all participants.

Participant Engagement: Facilitating dynamic discussions, fostering active participation, and providing adept guidance to participants in navigating parliamentary procedures.

Promotion and Outreach: Actively promoting the Youth Parliament within the student community, attracting enthusiastic participants, and proficiently managing communication channels to enhance outreach.

Policy Development: Contributing to the formulation of compelling debate topics, resolutions, and parliamentary rules, thereby enriching the overall experience for all involved. Your demonstrated commitment and any pertinent prior experience will undoubtedly position you as an exemplary candidate for this pivotal role. Joining the Executive Board offers you a unique opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the academic and co-curricular landscape of our university.

Eligibility for the EB members:

-Must have an experience of Youth Parliament for 3-4 times


-Must have an experience of being in EB of youth Parliament at least once

– Members will require to be available for 2 days

Perks for EB members:

Monetary rewards(which will be decided mutually by members of Canonsphere )and certificates will be granted.

Apply here by 10.02.2024:


 Contact for more Information:

+91 78886 25806



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