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Keywords- Petition, PHD , Professor, Appeal.

The Kerala High Court on 23rd June 2023 set aside the order of the single judge that administered the Kannur University to re-examine the credentials Priya Varghese to be prearranged as associate professor. Priya Varghese is the wife to KK Ragesh private secretary to Chief Minister Vijayan a writ petition had been filed by Dr Joseph who was ranked after Varghese in the rank list challenging her inclusion stating that she was not qualified for the post as she did not have the prescribed eight years of teaching experience. In the month of November,2022 a single bench of Justice Devan Ramchandran had held that Priya Varghese did not possess the requisite teaching experience to be appointed as associate professor and also directed the suitable authority to reconsider her expertise and decide whether she should continue on the rank list.

In an appeal by Priya Varghese a division bench of Justice A. K. JayaSankaran Nambiar and Justice Mohammad Nias C. P. set aside the order of the single bench and held that the period spent by her on pursuing her PHD degree under the faculty development program could be counted as teaching experience . The court also made some critical observations against the media coverage of the case saying that an individual’s right to privacy was not only against the state but also against private parties such as the media and that media must exercise caution while reporting court proceedings as not everything said by a judge during a hearing reflects the judge’s view on the case.

Written by – Drishti Pandey College – S.S. Khanna Girls Degree College, University of Allahabad

Semester – 4th an intern under legal vidhiya

1 https://www.livelaw.in/high-court/kerala-high-court/kerala-hc-allows-priya-vargheses-kannur-university-case-


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