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About the University

The University of Lucknow or Lucknow University is a government-owned Indian research university based in Lucknow. Founded in 1867, the University of Lucknow is one of the oldest government-owned institutions of higher education in India.

About the Society

ADR, Drafting and Literary Society (ADLS) is an academic body that was constituted in 2022. It is a dedicated society that aims to provide a platform for students to enhance requisite skills.

The Society conducts training programs and workshops, honing the drafting and argumentation skills of nascent legal minds. It organizes through its faculty and student body, various competitions, thereby enabling students to participate in external competitions organized both nationally and internationally.

About the event

The ADR, Drafting and Literary Society is going to host the Second National Law Fest, at the dawn of this summer, in virtual mode from 5th April to 7th April 2024.

List of the competitions

  • Negotiation Competition
  • Client Counselling Competition
  • Debate
  • Article Writing Competition
  • Quiz


The last date to register is the 29th of March 2024.

Registration Links

  1. Negotiation Competition- Click here.
  2. Client Counseling Competition- Click here.
  3. Debate Competition- Click here.
  4. Article Writing Competition- Click here.
  5. Legal Quiz Competition- Click here.

Contact Information

  • Vandita Pandey- 6306388805
  • Nilansh Pathak– 8765510008
  • Shreeya Singh- 7355632380


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