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About the organiser

MediLaw.live stands as the No-1 premier Medico-Legal news portal in India, offering unparalleled coverage of the intersection between medicine and law. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to providing accurate, comprehensive, and insightful reporting on all matters concerning the medical and legal fields.

About the Competition

MediLaw.live is thrilled to present the 1 st National level Article Writing Competition focused on “Contemporary Medico-Legal Developments in India.” This competition serves as a platform for participants to research into the dynamic segments of medico-legal affairs, offering an opportunity to critically analyse and propose innovative solutions to pressing issues at the intersection of medicine and law. Join us and contribute your insights to the broader dialogue on medico-legal affairs.


THEME: Any Contemporary Medico Legal Developments

Sub Themes:

  • Should Medical profession come under the purview of Consumer protection Act 2019?
  • Effectiveness of tackling of quackery issue by the government.
  • Implication of granting permission to Ayush doctors to do integrated medical practice.
  • Corporatization of healthcare sector by heavy investment – regulatory and ethical concerns.
  • Rise in Medical Negligence litigations and consequent defensive medical care as a legal risk management
  • Right to medical treatment during investigation
  • Complaints of Sexual Harassment cases in hospitals and health establishments.
    Or any Articles pertaining to Medico legal laws in India or any other matters connected therewith and incidental thereto
    • Mode of the competition: Online
    • Language: English
    • Topics may fall under the above-mentioned sub-themes or closely related to the main theme.


  • Open to all undergraduate or postgraduate students from colleges/universities recognized by the Bar Council of India and/or the Medical Council of India.
  • Co-authorship: Allowed for teams of up to 2 members.
  • Cross-institutional teams are Welcome to participate.
  • Multiple entries: Not permitted from the same authors.

Submission Guidelines

  • The file should be submitted in both PDF and DOCX formats to contactmedilaw.live@gmail.com with the subject line: Submission of the article writing competition organized by MediLaw.live. Language of the Article shall be In English.
  • Each submission must have its own Title on the basis of the topic selected.
  • The body of the submission must be in the format as specified. [Font: Times New Roman / Sylfaen, Size:12, Line-Spacing: 1.5, Alignment: Justified].
  • Submission must contain footnotes, wherever required. All footnotes must be in the format as specified. [Font: Times New Roman, Size: 10, Line-Spacing: 1.0, Alignment: Justified].
  • The word limit for the articles is 1200-1500 words.
  • An article can be co-authored by a maximum of two participants.
  • The file name of the submission must be as follows:
    • In case of Single Author – ‘<first name> <last name>’ e.g. Ram Kumar.docx
    • In case of Co-authors – ‘<first name of Author 1> & <first name of Author 2>’ e.g. Ram & Alok.docx
  • The last page of the submission must include the following information: Name of the Author(s), contact number and the Name of the Institution.
  • Non-compliance with either of the guidelines mentioned above will result in an automatic rejection of the submission.

Important dates

  • Registration Starts: 01/06/2024
  • Last Date for Submission: 30/06/2024


The winner and runner-up would be awarded monetary prizes, i.e., the announcements would be done in three categories:

  • Winner – Best Overall Article: INR 1500
  • Runner Up – Second Best Overall Article: INR 1000
  • Winner – Best Researched Article: INR 1500
  • Runner Up – Second Best Researched Article: INR 1000

All Participants shall receive a Certificate of Participation. The Top 5 entries shall receive a Certificate of Merit. The Top 3 entries shall receive a Certificate of Achievement along with the above-mentioned cash prize.

(Please Note that the Prize Money in case of co-authorship will not be distributed per head but would be awarded to the team comprising of both the authors).


For any queries, please reach out to contactmedilaw.live@gmail.com /+919591606485 (Lester Vinal Lasrado).

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