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About Siddhartha Law College, Dehradun

Siddhartha Group of Institutions envisages to become the leader in its category with the-state-of-art facilities to provide education, training, research, consultancy, and outreach services at par with national and international institutes of repute in the field of Law, Pharmacy, and Nursing

Siddhartha Group of Institutions established under the aegis of the Siddhartha Educational Society (Regd. No. 1363/2002-2003) at Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun. Siddhartha Group of Institutions is an educational dream started in 2003 and is a huge 34-hectare campus today. Located in the heart of Uttarakhand, our campus is renowned for its lush greenery and undulating verdant hills which adds the desire of learning.

The institute is a fast-emerging center of higher professional education in India. The Institute emphasizes on holistic development of student and apply them to real-world problems, thus fast-tracking their careers. The infrastructure includes an administrative block, library, cafeteria, laboratories, seminar hall, auditorium, herbal garden, and animal house facility.

Siddhartha Group of Institutions is committed to providing quality education for all students from diverse backgrounds, thereby contributing to the progress society at large.

About the Moot Court Committee

The dynamic and vibrant Moot Court Committee at Siddhartha Law College is an integral part of our institution. The Moot Court Committee plays a crucial role in shaping the practical legal skills and acumen of our students, providing them with a platform to hone their advocacy research, and presentation abilities,

Key Features of the Moot Court Committee at Siddhartha Law College:

  • Mooting Competitions: The committee organizes and participates in various national and international moot court competitions. This allows our students to interact with peers from different institutions, showcasing their legal prowess on diverse legal issues.
  • Training and Workshops: Recognizing the importance of continuous skill development, the committee conducts regular training sessions and workshops. These sessions cover various aspects of moot court participation, including legal research, drafting memorials, and oral advocacy.
  • Expert Guidance: The committee is fortunate to have the support and guidance of experienced faculty members and legal professionals. This ensures that our students receive valuable insights and mentorship throughout their moot court journey.
  • Mock Trials and Practice Sessions: To enhance practical experience, the committee organizes mock trials and practice sessions. This hands-on approach helps students build confidence and refine their courtroom etiquette.
  • Research and Publication: In addition to participating in competitions, the committee encourages students to engage in legal research and contribute to publications. This fosters a culture of academic excellence and ensures that our students are well-versed in the latest legal developments.
  • Networking Opportunities: The Moot Court Committee actively promotes networking opportunities for students by organizing guest lectures, seminars, and panel discussions featuring legal luminaries. This allows students to connect with professionals in the field and gain valuable insights into the legal industry.

The Moot Court Committee at Siddhartha Law College is committed to providing a holistic and enriching experience for our students, preparing them for the challenges of the legal profession. The committee’s dedication to excellence and its focus on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills make it an integral part of our law school’s academic fabric.

About The Event

The Indian Constitution is the foundation upon which the existence of India as a nation hinges; it is more than just a rule book outlining the structure of the government. The Constitution’s embellishments of equality, fraternity, and justice serve as a constant reminder of the struggles endured by the freedom warriors and the goals of our founding fathers. We all have a responsibility to uphold the genuine spirit of our Constitutional mandate as citizens.

To fulfill a citizen’s obligation to his country, knowledge of The Constitution is a requirement. With this thought in mind, Siddhartha Law College, Dehradun is organizing, the 1stJustice R.R. Aggarwal National Moot Court Competition 2024. Participants will have a platform to compete and demonstrate their legal acumen during the competition.

The main goal of the 1st Justice R.R. Aggarwal National Moot Court Competition 2024 is to introduce and develop mooting skills among law students. It also provides a platform for the mooting speakers and researchers to represent their institutions. Additionally, it will broaden their academic horizons.


  • The Competition is open to all students, enrolled bona fide on a regular basis in an undergraduate law course (3 years/5 years) conducted by any recognized College/Institution/University,
  • A recognized College/Institution/University is entitled to send a maximum of 3 teams to the competition.
  • Each team shall comprise a minimum of three members. In a team comprising three members, two members shall be designated as Orators and the third member shall be designated as a Researcher Teams shall not disclose their identity or that of their institution. However, the speakers can disclose their names only to the bench during the oral arguments.
  • No additional member or team coach is allowed to accompany the team.

General Rules

  • Teams are requested to submit 10 hard copies (Petitioner-5 and Respondent-5) at the time of formal registration at the venue on 2 April 2024.
  • The language to be used during the rounds is English.
  • The Competition shall consist of
    • Preliminary Rounds I and II.
    • Quarter-finals (This round is subject to changes as per the discretion of the Organizers)
    • Semi-finals.
    • Finals
  • During each of the above-mentioned rounds, the order in which the teams shall present their Arguments is as follows:
    • Petitioner Speaker 1
    • Petitioner Speaker 2
    • Respondent Speaker 1
    • Respondent Speaker 2
    • Rebuttal: Petitioner: Anyone of the two Speakers
    • Sur-rebuttal: Respondent: Anyone of the two Speakers

Note: The detailed rules & regulations of the competition may be found in the document mentioned at the end of this post.


  • 14 February 2024: Release of Moot Proposition and Commencement of Online Registration (Memorial Rounds)
  • 10th March 2024: Last Date of Online Registration
  • 20 March 2024: Last Date for Submission of Memorials (Soft Copy)
  • 2nd April 2024: Inauguration
  • 2nd April 2024: Preliminary Rounds, Quarterfinals & and Researchers Test
  • 3rd April 2024: Semi-Finals, Finals & Valedictory

How to Register?

The registration form should only be filled out after making the payment of Rs. 3,000. Each team must download the Authorization letter and then register by filling up the Registration form. The registration form and authorization letter are provided at the end of this post.

Payment Details

  • Account Name: Siddhartha Law College
  • Account No: 50065378452
  • IFSC Code: IDIB000d558
  • Branch: Indian Bank, IT Park, Dehradun

Awards And Prizes

  • Winner: Rs.21,000 + Trophy + Certificate
  • Runner Up: Rs. 11,000 + Trophy + Certificate
  • Best Researcher: Rs. 5,100 + Certificate
  • Best Speaker: Rs. 5,100 + Certificate
  • Best Memorial: Rs. 5,100 + Certificate

Note: Certificates shall be issued to all the participants.

Food And Accommodation

Participants will be provided accommodation around the vicinity of the College.

Travel facilities will be provided from the accommodation to the college in the morning, and back to the hotel in the evening.

Participants who don’t avail the travel services at the allotted time must make the arrangements for themselves. Participants will be provided a bus pass at the time of registration and entry into the campus, which must be presented to get entry into the bus for travel purposes.

Participants will be provided breakfast, lunch, high tea, and dinner on all two days of the competition. For getting the packed meals, food coupons will be issued at the time of registration and entry into the campus. To get your packed meals, lunch, and high tea, presenting the food coupon will be mandatory.


  • Dr. Sharafat Ali: 7017283314
  • Mosin Rao (Convener): 8393990289
  • Poojya Aditya: 7454087391
  • Ms. Pallavi Gussain: 708847877
  • Uma Pandey (Co-Convener): 8240277478
  • Khushi Srivastava: 8922972481
  • Sakshi Tuli: 9105119564
  • E-mail: mootcourtsocietyslcdehradun@gmail.com

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