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Keywords: – Madhya Pradesh, Deaths, Manual Scavenging.

Based on several articles published in daily newspapers regarding the increasing number of deaths caused by manual scavenging, the High Court has taken cognizance of the case. The court has acknowledged the seriousness of the issue and has initiated action to address the alarming rise in fatalities related to manual scavenging.

 The Madhya Pradesh High Court has taken independent action, known as suo motu cognizance, regarding the deaths caused by manual scavenging in the state. Chief Justice Ravi Malimath and Justice Vishal Mishra, constituting a bench, initiated the case after several newspaper articles highlighted incidents of deaths related to manual scavenging. The Court has issued a notice to the state authorities and scheduled a hearing for the matter in four weeks.

The Court specifically considered a recent incident in Gwalior, where two workers lost their lives due to poisonous gas while performing routine maintenance in a sewer hole. Additionally, the Court acknowledged that similar incidents have occurred in various locations throughout Madhya Pradesh, involving underprivileged workers who were sent into sewer lines without adequate protective gear or equipment.

Written by- Mubashara Fatima, College name- Unity PG and Law College, Semester- 6th, intern under Legal Vidhiya.


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