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As of July 3, the Supreme Court will no longer use paper documents thanks to the introduction of cutting-edge technology. Judges will no longer need to handle paper copies of papers, and legal books will be replaced by pop-up screens.

Beginning on July 3, the last day of the summer break, judges and solicitors will be able to observe renovations to the courthouse. Courts 1, 2, and 3 will mostly be affected by these modifications. But eventually, other courts will use contemporary technologies as well.

In some Supreme Court courtrooms, there will be two large screens for attorneys to communicate with counsel who is present through video conferencing. One wall of the judge’s courtrooms will include a 120-inch video conference screen. A document may be placed on the system and viewed by attorneys on both their screens and the larger screen utilising document viewer technology, which judges will also have for simple document access. To read files and papers, lawyers will have access to smart displays.

Some alterations will be made to the furnishings to simplify the current technologies used in some courtrooms. Old, enormous fans will be swapped out for new, smaller ones. D Y Chandrachud, the Chief Justice of India, has proposed modifications to courtrooms in order to make them more technologically advanced. Additionally, he supported paperless courtroom hearings. To reduce paper, SC has also developed the idea of distributing slips online.

The court personnel will now be notified by solicitors of the pertinent judgements they will be using as support for their arguments. During the hearing, the judges will search the rulings online and report their findings. The courtrooms will also have the new display board with the extra functionalities.


Written By- Smrutiman Anantveer Mohanty, College Name- Army Law College, Pune, Semester- Smrutiman Anantveer Mohanty, an intern under Legal Vidhiya


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