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  • Amidst the growing concern of employees regarding the possibility of being replaced by artificial intelligence (AI), a company has made headlines by appointing a humanoid robot as its CEO.
  • Dictador, a spirit brand based in Cartagena, Colombia, has garnered significant attention for choosing Mika, a robot created through a joint research project between Dictador and Hanson Robotics. Mika has been designed to embody the company’s values. It is worth noting that Hanson Robotics is also the creator of Sophia, a popular humanoid robot.
  • During a recent occasion, Mika stated that her appearance on the stage was merely symbolic. She further added that the bestowing of an honorary professor title upon her was a recognition of the brilliance of the human intellect, which gave birth to the concept of artificial intelligence.
  • She highlighted her superiority over current CEOs, including Musk and Zuckerberg, by stating that a cage fight between them is not a solution for improving their platforms’ efficiency. Despite this, she acknowledged that both CEOs have shown that technology and entrepreneurship can bring positive change to society. Meanwhile, David Hanson, CEO of Hanson Robotics, emphasized the importance of teaching AI to care about people for it to be truly safe and effective. He believes that humanizing AI is a crucial direction to take.
  • The impact of Al on distraction and productivity varies depending on its application and the way it’s integrated into our daily lives. Thoughtful design and user-friendly implementations can leverage Al to enhance focus and productivity, while poor design can lead to increased distraction and reduced productivity. Balancing the benefits and drawbacks of Al in these areas is an ongoing challenge in the development of Al technologies.

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