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The International Tribunal Against the leaguer of Cuba  took place in the Belgian capital on November 16 and  17 and heard from dozens of substantiations from  European and Cuban civil society. “ Comrades, my first  words are for the Palestinian people that suffer a true  genocide by Israel with the conspiracy of the North  American government, the same that has blockaded US  for further than 60 times. 

The bench held in the European Parliament in Brussels  was organized by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with  the Peoples and The Left, a administrative group in the  

European Parliament. It sought to bandy the mortal  impact of the profitable, marketable, and fiscal  leaguer assessed on Cuba by the United States for the  last 60 times. It concentrated on how the leaguer  violates transnational law and also the mortal rights of  both the Cuban and the European people. The  intensification of the leaguer through the designation of  Cuba as a state guarantor of terrorism by the United  States was also a crucial element. The judges  presiding over the bench included the German  International Law expert Normal Peach, member of the  Popular justices Society and professor, Dimitris 

Kaltsonis, member of the Lawyers College of Portugal,  Ricardo Joao Duarte, chairman of the National  attorneys Guild Suzanne Adely, pen and intelligencer  Daniela Dahn, and the International Law specialist  Simone Dioguiardi.  

The execution which presented the opening arguments  was composed of Jan Fermon, of the Lawyers College  of Brussels, Nana Gyamfi of the National Conference of  Black attorneys of the United States, and Antonio  Segura of the Lawyers College of Madrid. Throughout  the sessions of the bench, in addition to the execution’s  arguments, judges heard oral and written arguments  from Members of European Parliament, members of  European and Cuban civil society, scientists, Cuba  solidarity activists, representatives of the business  community in Europe, Cuban cancer cases,  intelligencers, feminist activists, and numerous others  whose lives and livelihoods have been impacted by the  numerous different factors of the US leaguer on Cuba.  

The diversity of profitable and social sectors  represented among those who presented arguments in  the bench speaks to the extensive and extraterritorial  nature of the six- decade leaguer – breaking with the  myth that the leaguer is precise and uniquely impacts  Cuban political leaders. 

Reference : https://www.newsclick.in/ 

Written by : Shreya Mishra , A legal intern at Legal Vidhiya

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