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Keywords: Supreme Court, Kannur district panchayat, Stray Dogs, Euthanasia

Recently, Kerela’s Kannur district panchayat has moved to the Supreme Court and petitioned for euthanizing rabid dogs due to an increase in violent activities by dogs in the region.

Escalating incidents of aggression have become common in the region as recently, on 11th June, an eleven years old child suffering from autism was mauled to death when a bunch of stray dogs attacked him, and also a similar incident that took place in the Kottayam district of Kerela last year, where a 12-year-old girl was attacked and killed by the ferocious dogs.

In their plea, the Kannur District Panchayat stated that there were 6,276 instances of stray dog attacks in the district in 2023 alone. It went on to say that about 28,000 stray dogs were within the Kannur district.[1]

The application also went on to say that about 65 ducks had been killed and many domesticated animals were harmed by these dogs and the incident of attacks, biting and collisions have been increasing in recent past years.

Thus, they have asked the Supreme Court to permit the passive euthanasia of rabid and extremely dangerous dogs so that life can be normalized again, however, the Supreme Court declined the Kerela government’s similar request to kill rabid stray dogs, last year.

Written by- Satyanshu Sharma, College name- Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala, Semester- 2nd,An intern under Legal Vidhiya

[1] LIVELAW, https://www.livelaw.in/top-stories/supreme-court-approached-by-district-panchayat-of-kannur-against-stray-dog-attacks-230973 (last accessed on 21st June, 2023).


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