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In supreme court of India civil appellate jurisdiction M.A. No. 859 of 2020 SLP© no. 5440 of 2020

Case:  was district bar association Dehradun vs  shwar Shandilya and  ors

Leaded by M.R. SHAH, J decided that  there was not any committee for lawyers

After two years Keral high court constitute a committee headed by chief justice  svn Bhatti to redress grievance, if any of lawyers, in response to a supreme court order to avert laeyers abstaining from court appearances or resorting to strikes.

 The order was passed on 9 june by the  registar.

 The committee is constituted of the following members;

Chief justice svn Bhatti

Justice  A muhhamed mustaque

Justice somaranjan p

Advocate general of kerala

Chairman of the bar council of kerala

President of the high court bar association .

Written by laxmi kumari intern under legal vidhiya


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