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The United Nation’s chief asked Israel for an investigation in the Al-Shifa  hospital viral video in Gaza City. This video was viral over social media  due to this Human Rights commission asked for investigation permits in  the hospital. But it was immediately denied by the militants of Israel  and said that it is “ridiculous”.  

In that video it was shown that a hole in ground and what appears  concrete with exposed cables and pipes. It was identified that this is  seen of the hospital campus. This made commission to get more  knowledge about this and also made vision that this was seen of the Al Shifa hospital. In this video nothing more have been identified only this  building pipes and cable have been seen.  

Now , Israel is under pressure to prove that all these claims on  infiltration of the hospital.  

The UN’S High Commissioner asked Israel to gave independency to the  investigators to probe the claims.  


https://www.cnn.com/2023/11/17/middleeast/israel-alleged hamas-tunnel-al-shifa-intl-hnk 


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