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The Bombay High Court imposes penalty of 50 lacks for the violation of an  injunction/ ad-interim order dated 30.08.2023 passed by the High Court  restraining Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd. for the sale of its camphor products due to the  trademark infringement case filed by Mangalam Organics Ltd. 

Mr. Andhyarujina, the learned Senior Counsel of defendant has tendered reply on  02.07.2024 which included an unconditional and unqualified apology on behalf  of defendant and an undertaking to abide by the orders of passed by the court. In  the submitted affidavit Rajneesh kumar who was a deponent as well as defendant  in the application of Plaintiff filed under Order XXXIX Rule 2(A) of the Code of  Civil Procedure, 1908 (“CPC”) for breach of the ad-interim order dated 30th  August 2023. It was admitted by the defendant about the breach of an interim order also after coming into knowledge to defendant about the order he continued  to carry out supply and sale of injuncted product. Deponent stated that after the  passing of order company continued supply the impunged product amounting to  Rs. 49,57,861/- also mentions stock value of Rs. 25,94,505/- is still lying at Defendants whole sellers/distributors and authorised stores which has been  ceased at that respective location. 

The compilation of documents was tendered by the plaintiffs learned counsel Mr.  Kamod which shows that the defendant sold the impugned Camphor product as  recent as on 3rd July, 4th July and 8th July 2024. Further, the website of  Defendant shows the impugned Camphor product being offered for sale as on 8th  July 2024. It was mentioned that even after subsequent court order defendant by  willful disregard persists for the breach of interim-order. The learned counsel of  plaintiff stated that there is no mention in the affidavit about the sale of impunged  product after 24th June 2024 and defendant has misleaded the court that the  cumulative supply of impugned Camphor product is only amounting to Rs.  49,67,861/- after the passing of the impugned injunction order He also submitted  that there has been supplies far in excess of this amount which is to be submitted  by the reliance on recorded document. 

The court under the lordship of Justice R.I. Chagla directed the defendant to  deposit, a sum of Rs. 50,00,000/- (Rupees Fifty Lakh only) to the account of the  Prothonotary & Senior Master of this Court within a period of one week from the  date of this order prior to the passing of an order on contempt of the injunction. 

The Court listed the matter for further consideration on 19th July 2024.



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