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  • Bhutan has become the world’s first country with a significant milestone for animal welfare and successfully sterilized and vaccinated stray dogs after a 14 years long program. 
  • It’s announced by the global animal charity ,Humane society international which also helped in implementation of the program created by Bhutan. 
  • Officially Bhutan Prime minister Lotay Tshering announced the completion of the National Dog population Management and Rabies Control project which successfully sterilized and vaccinated stray dogs around 150,000.
  • This project aims to provide protection to stray dogs from starvation, parasitic infections, untreated disease, injuries from road traffic accidents and transmissible cancers. 
  • According to the UN and WHO, sterilization and vaccination are crucial for stray dogs to prevent an increase in dog bites and spread of rabies. Because rabies causes 59,000 death globally each year. 

Ritika Vishwakarma, Deen Dayal Upadhaya Gorkhapur University, intern under legal vidhiya. 


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